Quality Control

We at Sayle Sandifer & Associates, LLP are proud of the reputation we have achieved for high quality work; and we believe it is important for us to provide leadership in urging the entire accounting profession to strive for even higher technical standards � our clients and the public expect nothing less.

Quality is not the product of just one department or a number of control procedures, but rather a basic professional attitude to which we have long been dedicated and which continues to be a permanent part of our firm. We engage another CPA firm to perform a Peer Review of our firm's quality control system every three years. We are pleased to report that on our peer review, we received an unqualified opinion. For more information on the Peer Review Program and to view our most recent report, please click this link to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Peer Review Public File.

View a copy of our June 30, 2017 peer review report (PDF).

View a copy of our June 30, 2014 peer review report (PDF).